Naperville and Oak Brook are both in DuPage County.  If you are doing more than one market in DuPage County there may be multiple market discounts.
Reminder: It is each vendor‘s responsibility to follow all State, County and City/Village requirements. Please know that we are not experts in these requirements for all the different food & beverage types – and nothing we say or write should be interpreted as advice.  The info below is what we have been provided by the County.  We can’t guarantee that we haven’t misunderstood or been misinformed, and County rules can change at anytime (as we saw during COVID).
* Cottage food vendors are not permitted to distribute “open” samples in DuPage County.
Below is the information for who to contact at the DuPage County Health Department.
All foods for sampling must be made from a commercial, permitted space.
  • Temporary Food Permit is REQUIRED if handling open food (TCS or non-TCS) or selling packaged, TCS foods-such as ice cream.
  • A permit is NOT required to sell closed food products that don’t require refrigeration. (e.g. chips, prepackaged candy).
  • Each vendor handling open food would need to submit an application electronically and pay the permit fee(s) directly to the DuPage County Health Department using the links below.
Please check with the county directly if you have questions regarding what is allowed or related fees, contact info below.

Permit Fees (note: scroll down for one weekend fees and to view season permit costs): Fees | DuPage County Health, IL (dupagehealth.org)

* DCHD Websitehttps://www.dupagehealth.org/285/Permit-Applications-and-Forms
* Instructionshttps://eco.dupagehealth.org/#/menu2

For specific questions  related to you individual circumstances — please contact:
DuPage County Health Department
Carrie Rannaoja 
Phone: (630) 221-6113 
Liquor Vendors:
1 oz. samples of liquor are allowed with appropriate license(s) from the Village of Oak Brook. 

Link to Liquor License Application

You may also sell closed bottles of wine, beer or spirits (for the purpose of the consumer taking home) with appropriate licensing.

However, no wine, beer or spirits can be sold for immediate consumption.